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Better college admissions.

We help both students and schools.

College Admissions Laboratory Clients at Duke University laughing, walking, and talking

The college admissions process has changed.

We are different.

College admissions have become increasingly competitive for both students and schools. Driven in part by the increasing use of technology in the college admissions process, students are judged on more than just their grades and traditional extracurricular interests. Holistic college admissions are determined by an expanding number of metrics, many of which are unknown to applicants.

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How College Admissions Have Changed

Articles we think you should read.

Enrollment algorithms are contributing to the crises of higher education.

Early Admission College Student Laughing and Talking on Campus with Friends

Traditional college admissions methods are increasingly unproductive.

We have a new approach.

We are legacy finance, media, publishing, and computer science professionals (and certified college admissions counselors) who, together, represent the future of college admissions advising. We collect and analyze large amounts of education and admissions data to create a more targeted, analytical, and data-driven approach to admissions consulting. We supplement existing industry best practice with unique data sets and insights that help students increase their odds at their specific schools of interest. 

College students who became friends through their university scholarship program walking down the city street with their arms around each other's backs
Same group of college students who received scholarships sitting in the university's student rec area smiling at the camera
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How We're Different

College Selection

geared toward your "best fit" colleges


with an experienced college consultant

Advanced Metrics

with data-driven and new tech approaches

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Our Process

With students analyzed and judged on an increasing number of factors, our process is fundamentally different from others with unique data sets, process-level intelligence for specific colleges, and a more aggressive approach to the admissions process.

We help students and families best express their resumes and narratives. When we are engaged early enough, we can advise and help construct them.

We consult as well as partner with high schools to help design and implement better college admissions processes to maximize the results for specific schools.

College student standing outside the university admissions office building
College athlete running a football down the field

We have experience working with diverse groups of students, families, and institutions.

We are here to help.

For individuals, we are experienced working with all types of students: athletes looking to be recruited, students with learning differences, students with health considerations and disabilities, and students with various academic records. For schools, we have worked with a variety of institutions with different student bodies. 

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