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College Admissions


high school students at their private school hanging around outside after a college admissions seminar by admissions laboratory in Pelham, NY
high school senior smiling in hallway outside college admissions counselor's office

We help students best express their resume and narrative.

And when early enough, we help them construct it.

We help with early stage and more aggressive outreach to target schools - factoring in textual and qualitative analysis of their websites and communications. We understand the different non-cognitive variables that each college values.

We help increase admissions probability by using the results of university admissions and government data to best position students for specific colleges and their unique application processes. We help students focus on what is most important in the process for each specific school rather than use the same methods for every application.

We analyze applicant survey results and compare them to university student survey data sets (pulled from multiple sources) to help students find their "best fit schools" without the bias within the process that can negatively impact outcomes.

Admissions Laboratory College Admissions Website Green Abstract Background.jpg

Individualized Attention and Completely Customized Plans

We offer individualized attention and custom college admissions plans throughout the entire process to account for the unique nature of every applicant and the unique and changing institutional objectives of different colleges and universities. We base our plans on detailed research from multiple years of university data and textual analysis of college websites and school leadership releases. 

college graduation, one of our former colleges admissions clients, in a serious pose in his gown and cap

We offer truly individualized attention with no set limits on interaction

We are here to help.

Our availability is paramount to families looking to navigate the changing world of college admissions, and we know that rapid responses matter. We are here to help you through every step of the admissions process.

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