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College Admissions


High School honors students in their technology and robotics class
Diverse college students sitting on the floor smiling and laughing at their professor in a dance class
High school admissions counselor reviewing college application essay for potential merit scholarship

We help your students get into better colleges and universities.

We fine-tune and develop your admissions process.

With a need to justify increasing prices in an inflationary environment, many high schools are seeing less predictable admissions outcomes and less productive relationships with universities who traditionally valued their students.

To combat this, we analyze process and help implement school-wide process improvements that help better form and frame the narrative around the student population.

We use textual analysis and data to create target lists of best potential partner colleges and help with outreach or handle it in its entirety.

We stay available and update administrations on changes in higher education that can result in specific admissions opportunities for high schools.

We sign privacy and non-disclosure agreements on request keeping the work done with schools known only by those schools.

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