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Truly Knowing the College Admissions Process

With acceptance and rejection notifications released shortly, we thought it was worth highlighting a fairly opaque part of the admissions process at most schools: how schools structure their admissions decision process.

College Admissions Building at a University

While many schools will highlight important parts of their application process, we find that a much smaller number of schools will provide much detail on how applicants are specifically presented and discussed in the admissions reading and selection process. We believe that having an understanding of how these discussions are structured and how the process works at specific schools can be a significant advantage for applicants who are "in the know."

While the details of elite schools application processes are often closely guarded (Jeff Selingo’s writing on the process being a notable outlier), detailed searches of the internet and data scrapes of college websites can provide a valuable picture of many schools process.

Knowing how applicants are discussed and the acceptance process at a school allows applicants to know the relative importance of regional representatives and if they are worth attention in the process as well as revealing the importance of a representative’s seniority in the admissions decision process. In the world of competitive college admissions, knowing opportunities and parts of the process that applicants can focus on to make the best case for their candidacy is important, and we believe overlooked.

While we have assembled a good understanding of the application reading process at many top schools, we would encourage applicants to "dig" on their own when visiting university websites. The results can be enlightening and instructional as it relates to how they should approach the admissions process and contacting schools.


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